Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unorganized Sales

I was away last weekend, which is usually when I organize my coupons and store lists.  So I know I missed some sales this week, but I still managed to snag a few deals.

2 Lindt Excellence Chocolate Bars - on sale $2 each
1 bag Halls 2 in 1 lozenges - on sale $1

Coupons Used:
-$1 off 2 Lindt Bars
-75¢ off Halls
-$3 Register Reward

Total with tax: 39¢
(Plus I got back a $1 Register Reward)

1 bag Brach's candy Corn - 99¢
1 Colgate Total toothpaste - on sale $2.99
2 Lindt Excellence Chocolate Bars - on sale $2.09 each

Coupons Used:
-99¢ off Brach's
-$1.50 off Colgate
-$3.99 in Extra Care Bucks

Total with tax: $1.98
(Plus I got back a $2.99 Extra Care Buck)

Giant Eagle:
4 packages Idahoan Potatoes - on sale $1 each
3 packages Purex 3-in-1 laundry soap - on sale $3.99 each
8 packages Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables - on sale $1 each
6 packages of Trident Layers Gum - $1.49 each

Coupons Used:
-$1 on 3 of the potatoes
-$3 on each of the Purex
-$1.49 on each of the Trident

Total with tax: $13.58
(Plus I got back $4 in Register Rewards)

♫ Flintstones, Meet the Flintstones... ♫

Well not really, but this is a human powered car.  You sort of pump the handle and that gives it power.  It looks like it goes pretty fast and doesn't seem to hard to steer.  I read somewhere that with multiple people it can go up to 60 mph.  They are expected to cost around $15,000.  Pretty cool.

Sharpie Liquid Pencil

Sharpie has come up with a writing implement that writes like a pen, but it erasable like a pencil.  At least for the first 3 days, after that it becomes permanent ink.  I think this would come in handy for writing in my checkbook register, or doing crossword puzzles or sudokus.  I haven't seen them in stores yet, though the article says they were coming on the market in September.

Full article: 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Candles made from Oranges

You can make a candle from an orange!  You basically hollow out a half an orange, wrap a match in some thread, stick in in the orange, fill with oil and light.

Here are step by step instructions:

Pretty cool!

Fun with Coupons (this week)

2 Robitussin to Go - on sale 99¢ each
2 Campbell's Tomato Soup - on sale 50¢ each

Coupons Used:
-$1 off each of the Robitussins
-$1 in Extra Care Bucks

Total with tax: 16¢

Nivea Lip Care - on sale $1
EOS Lip Balm - on sale $3
Colgate Total - on sale $1.99
Tena Women's protective underwear - on sale $9.99
Glade soy candle - on clearance for 89¢

Coupons Used:
-$1 off Nivea
-$1.50 off Total
-$1.50 off Tena
-$8.50 in Register Rewards

Total with tax: $5.38
(Plus I got back $3 in Register Rewards and will get back $9.99 in rebates)

Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder - on clearance for $13.98 (was originally $19.99)

I had no coupons but they did not have the grinder in stock, so I asked for the display model.  They told me it was an additional 30% off because it was the display and had no box.

Total with tax: $10.37

*Everything except for the candle and coffee grinder are for donations.

Fun with Coupons (last week)

Emergen-C - on sale $3.49
Hylands Cold & Cough - on sale $4.99
Reese's pumpkin = 69¢

Coupons Used:
-$1.50 off Hylands
-$2.50 in Register Rewards

Total with tax: $5.60
(savings $10.10,
PLUS I got back $8.50 in Register Rewards)

1 Reach Access Flosser - on sale $2.99
1 pack Mini boby pins - $2.49
2 Tshirts - $2.50 each
2 Lindt Dark Chocolate Bars -  $2.79 each
1 Bath back scrubber - $3.99

Coupons Used:
-$4 off a $20 purchase (CVS coupon)
-$1 off Reach Flosser
-$3 CVS coupon sent to me in the mail
-$10.79 in Extra Care Bucks

Total with tax: $1.88
(Plus I got back $2.99 in Extra Care Bucks from Reach.)

Giant Eagle:
Almond Breeze Milk - on sale $2.99
18 cans of Campbell's Tomato Soup - on sale 50¢ each
6 cans of Goya Black Beans - on sale 75¢ each
5 packages of Kraft Shredded Cheese - on sale $2.79

Coupons Used:
-$1 off Almond Breeze
-55¢ off Almond Breeze (this coupon was loaded onto my store card)
-$1.50 off 3 Campbell's soups (I used 6 of these)
-75¢ off 3 Goya Beans, doubled to $1.50 (I used 2 of these)
-$5 off of 5 Kraft Cheeses
-$3 Catalina

Total with tax: $14.30


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Giant Operation Game Made From Dominos

Someone built a working Operation Game out of Dominos.  I was nervous when I saw the cat go by, I thought he was going to come over and investigate and possibly knock down the whole thing.

Watch the video to see what happens when you fail the operation!